• Bavarsky-lead

    Niv Bavarsky: Jungle Fire

My new favourite illustrator, your new favourite illustrator, Niv Bavarsky!

Posted by James Cartwright,

It’s been ages since I stumbled across my new favourite illustrator and, if I’m honest I’ve been holding off on posting his work for a while because I really wanted to hang onto him myself. But I’m over that now and I’d like to introduce you to Niv Bavarsky, San Franciscan illustrator extraordinaire, whose gift for creating beautifully drawn, exhaustingly busy images knows no bounds.

Niv mostly draws cool stuff for cool guys; reputable and distinguished clients like The New York Times, Bloomberg View, McSweeney’s, Nobrow and Fool’s Gold Records which, coupled with his location in the Bay Area of San Francisco, makes him one of the luckiest commercial illustrators around. Though actually, it’s nothing to do with luck; this guy’s got serious talent.

  • Bavarsky-1

    Niv Bavarsky: Tiger

  • Bavarsky-2

    Niv Bavarsky: Tangela

  • Bavarsky-3

    Niv Bavarsky: Sick

  • Bavarsky-4

    Niv Bavarsky: Shaman

  • Bavarsky-5

    Niv Bavarsky: Leash

  • Bavarsky-9

    Niv Bavarsky: Dogscape

  • Bavarsky-10

    Niv Bavarsky: Cutie

  • Bavarsky-12

    Niv Bavarsky: Contrapposto

  • Bavarsky-14

    Niv Bavarsky: Carnage – Bang!

  • Bavarsky-15

    Niv Bavarsky: Stephen Strasburg Shutdown


Posted by James Cartwright

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