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    NL Architects: Bicycle Club

Prepare to be bowled over by NL Architects' stunning rooftop velodrome

Posted by James Cartwright,

It’s no secret that we folks at It’s Nice That are pretty partial to a bit of cycling. If we’re not hammering out the miles of a daily commute we’re zipping between studios and meetings on our beloved velocipedes (but not in a smug way, we’ve no time for smug cyclists). As a result we were full-on bowled over upon witnessing NL Architects’ magnificent creation Bicycle Club, a stunning pavilion that serves as both an attractive public space and rooftop velodrome.

The main structure of the pavilion is designed to house a café and bike rental facilities, but the roof is where the real magic happens, taking the contours of a traditional pagoda and reimagining them as a high-speed cycling stadium. Our only gripe with the project is that it’s located in Hainan, China. Any London-based architects fancy doing the same here?

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    NL Architects: Bicycle Club

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    NL Architects: Bicycle Club

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    NL Architects: Bicycle Club


Posted by James Cartwright

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