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    Noma Bar: Wallpaper* Cover – Japan

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    Noma Bar: Wallpaper* Cover – Scandinavia

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    Noma Bar: Wallpaper* Cover – Spain

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    Noma Bar: Wallpaper* Cover – USA

Noma Bar: Wallpaper* Global Design Covers

Posted by Charlotte Simmonds,

Out yesterday was Wallpaper* Magazine’s global design issue, and Noma Bar has whipped up these excellent covers that cleverly combine illustrative mural with featured products. Bar’s colourful 2D graphics often play with illusion and perspective, and for this project he’s taken things to the next dimension, building 3D environments full of witty visual puns like lamps for eyes or candles for teeth. With each cover portraying an iconic image from eight selected countries, it’s a thoroughly enjoyable tribute to the infinite possibilities of interior design.


Posted by Charlotte Simmonds

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