Obama as Daniel Day-Lewis as Obama in this slick Spielberg spoof

Posted by Rob Alderson,

Politics and comedy is not always a good mix – remember Tony Blair’s excruciating “Am I bovvered skit?” or Gordon Brown dancing with JLS. But how about this as an exception to prove the rule, and politicians don’t come much bigger than the leader of the free world. The annual White House Correspondents’ dinner is always the chance for the president to show off his funny bones and this year Barack Obama joined forces with Steven Spielberg for this spoof. The set-up is simple enough – Spielberg is working on the President’s biopic – but it all gets weird as method actor par excellence Daniel Day-Lewis speaks about bringing Obama to the silver screen. Enjoy, but for sanity’s sake don’t read the Youtube comments…

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    Steven Spielberg’s Obama (still)

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    Steven Spielberg’s Obama (still)

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    Steven Spielberg’s Obama (still)

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    Steven Spielberg’s Obama (still)


Posted by Rob Alderson

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