Snask And Brikk unveil wonderfully surreal titles for OFFF 2012

Posted by James Cartwright,

How do you advertise a creative conference in cinematic form? Short video profiles of each of your speakers? A walking tour of the venue you’re using? Perhaps something colourful and typographic? No, none of these things quite cut the mustard for OFFF 2012, one of the highlights of the conference calendar. A batsh*t crazy B-movie epic on the other hand did just the trick.

Commissioning Snask and Brikk studios to join forces and collaborate, OFFF engineered a bizarre union that lead to some truly hilarious results, featuring lasers, fighting pandas and a warrior emperor. It’s hard to say whether or not this three minute promo really serves to explain the event at all (it doesn’t) but it undoubtedly makes me want to get hold of some tickets for next year’s offering – even if the fighting pandas are just imaginary.

  • Offf-2

    Snask and Brikk: OFFF Festival Titles 2012

  • Offf-3

    Snask and Brikk: OFFF Festival Titles 2012

  • Offf-4

    Snask and Brikk: OFFF Festival Titles 2012

  • Offf-5

    Snask and Brikk: OFFF Festival Titles 2012


Posted by James Cartwright

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