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    Helen Carlson: Collier (2013)

Product Design: Jewellery made from human hair at this year's Örnsbergsauktionen

Posted by James Cartwright,

The start of February means only one thing for the people of Stockholm; Design Week. This year is no different from any other and the city’s streets will be littered with the produce of Scandinavian and international craftspeople. As ever the annual Örnsbergsauktionen is in full swing, with some truly bizarre and beautiful objects up for sale from the likes of Nathalie Du Pasquier, Lex Pott and Stina Lofgren. There’s luxury jewellery made from human hair, a table that glows in the dark and an extraordinary machine made from a mutilated SodaStream – which is why we keep on enjoying this auction year in, year out.

  • Ornsburg-1

    Fredrik Ingemansson: Corpus 1, Corpus 2, Corpus 3 (2014)

  • Ornsburg-2

    Nick Ross: Little White Lies (2014)

  • Ornsburg-3

    LexPott: True Colours (2013)

  • Ornsburg-4

    Stina Löfgren / Kristoffer Sundin: Delta Stool (2014)

  • Ornsburg-5

    Kakan Hermansson: Ice Fake Marble (2013), Pride Fake Marble (2013)

  • Ornsburg-6

    Hilda Hellström: Nazca/Cocos (2014)

  • Ornsburg-8

    Sundin / Persson: Food Colouring Rug (2014)

  • Ornsburg-9

    Nathalie Du Pasquier: No Title (2013)

  • Ornsburg-11

    Johanna Friedman: Grain (2012)


Posted by James Cartwright

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