Art: Tomáš Libertíny's crafting of The Paper Vase makes for a very hypnotic watch

Posted by Maisie Skidmore,

There’s something about true craftsmanship that is completely timeless – even or perhaps especially in the midst of our digital age – and Tomáš Libertíny is an admirable pioneer or exactly this kind of practice. His 2007 sculpture The Paper Vase is an oldie but a goodie; by gluing together hundreds upon hundreds of sheets of paper, compressing them into a huge, solid block and then sculpting them, he fashions a lovely white vase out of what had previously been writing paper. Even better, he filmed himself doing it, creating an awe-inspiring, almost trance-inducing clip so that you can watch his process. I especially like the stray wisp of discarded paper which is stuck to Tomáš’ hat as he holds his vase up proudly at the end.

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    Tomáš Libertíny: The Paper Vase

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    Tomáš Libertíny: The Paper Vase

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    Tomáš Libertíny: The Paper Vase

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    Tomáš Libertíny: The Paper Vase


Posted by Maisie Skidmore

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