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    Pat Bradbury: Baffle Me (detail)

Art: Step with us into the beautifully bizarre world of Pat Bradbury

Posted by Rob Alderson,

It’s the unwritten rule of all films about animals that there MUST be a heartwarming scene where the friendly bear/whale/okapi comes back to the family after having been set free into the wild. That’s kind of how we feel when we see our Graduates of yesteryear, and this week we were treated to a visit by the brilliant Pat Bradbury. We never need an excuse to immerse ourselves in Pat’s slightly bonkers work, and from celebrity-based personal work to a poster for a Papa New Guinean late-night dancehall bar, Pat’s portfolio continues to delight us on every level. Run free Pat, we’ll always have the memories…

  • Blueman

    Pat Bradbury: Blue Man

  • Bpattern

    Pat Bradbury: Pattern Experiments

  • The-cliff-dive-final

    Pat Bradbury: The Cliff Dive

  • Tropical-hot-dream

    Pat Bradbury: Tropical Hot Dream

  • Tumblr_mxq1r24jb61qep0ooo1_1280

    Pat Bradbury: Message To The Internet

  • Tumblr_mytydnv9ae1qep0ooo1_500

    Pat Bradbury: Untitled

  • Tumblr_n04xnqncgz1qep0ooo1_1280

    Pat Bradbury: Gehry Barlow

  • Wigglefree-zone-colour

    Pat Bradbury: Wiggle Free Zone

  • Confusing-web

    Pat Bradbury: Baffle Me


Posted by Rob Alderson

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