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    Paul Sahre: THEM, THEM, THEM… 2011, Op-Ed Illustration, The New York Times

Multi-talented Paul Sahre is a man on a mission to produce quality design

Posted by Bryony Quinn,

Intrigued as to whose voice it was narrating the design work over on karlssonwilker’s portfolio site, I was reminded of the very established graphic work of Paul Sahre. Operating a small design studio “fondly” referred to as O.O.P.S (Office of Paul Sahre), a quick look will reveal a plethora of great book works, regular illustration spots, music visuals and a sense of humour. A closer look, will uncover a number of satellite sites for his dedicated sidelines which are occasionally random but absolutely worth your time.

A case in point are Paul’s illoops! illustrations, in fact. A clever’n’sharp style that uses design tactics with photography and found imagery to create visual one-liners for The New York Times Op-ed, Book Review and Week-In-Review pages, Freakenomics and Bloomberg Businessweek (to name a few.)

It’s a vast, all round and continuously surprising body of work and, most importantly, as honest as it is great – just see the regrets section on his site.

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    Paul Sahre: In Dreams Begin Responsibilities 2012, book cover design. Publisher: New Directions

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    Paul Sahre: Why America Needs A Left 2012, book cover design. Publisher: Polity

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    Paul Sahre: 2011, book cover design. Publisher: New Directions

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    Paul Sahre: Punishing Wrongdoing on Wall Street 2011, Op-Ed letters Illustration, The New York Times

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    Paul Sahre: Does Washington Need Fixing? 2010, The New York Times Week In Review


Posted by Bryony Quinn

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