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    Pete McDonald: Wrestling. Buck Olympics

New Zealand's Pete McDonald dazzles us with his range

Posted by Rob Alderson,

New Zealand-based creative Pete McDonald brings new meaning to the phrase “versatility.” Working across graphic design, digital and illustration, he has an uncanny ability to select and work in styles that range as far and wide as The Fellowship of the Ring. With so many strings to his bow, it’s no surprise big-name clients have been queuing up to hire him and his portfolio includes work for the lies of Google, Nike, Converse and Coke. While initially the switching of styles is a bit disorienting, after a while you realise that this eclecticism is his strength and he is able to render eye-catching, effective imagery across his various fields and aesthetics.

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    Pete McDonald: Unicef East Africa Appeal

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    Pete McDonald: Google Voice Recorder

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    Pete McDonald: Sparrow

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    Pete McDonald: Sundance Film Festival

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    Pete McDonald: Sundance Film Festival

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    Pete McDonald: Sundance Film Festival

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    Pete McDonald: Range

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    Pete McDonald: Transvaluation


Posted by Rob Alderson

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