Advertising: Current TV adverts made entirely of LEGO to promote new movie

Posted by Rob Alderson,

In recent weeks my inbox has been bombarded with missives about The LEGO Movie which opens in cinemas this Friday (NB: not everyone will find this a romantic Valentine’s Day plan). Although I’m interested in the film I’ll admit to being slightly put off by the sheer weight of PR, but the promoters’ latest stunt is an absolute slam-dunk. During last night’s episode of Dancing On Ice (a show where celebrities you kind of assumed were dead compete to impress a panel of comically unimpressable judges) ITV ran a whole advert break during which current spots for companies like Premier Inn, BT and The British Heart Foundation were recreated entirely in LEGO.

It’s a terrific idea, executed superbly and launched with little or no pre-publicity thus maximising its impact. A special word to Bricksports, the German LEGO specialists who made it all happen for the PHD agency; I’d have loved to have been at the briefing when they were told they needed to make a LEGO Lenny Henry…

  • Lego1

    Warner Brothers/ITV/Bricksports/PHD: Lego Ad Break (still)

  • Lego2

    Warner Brothers/ITV/Bricksports/PHD: Lego Ad Break (still)

  • Lego3

    Warner Brothers/ITV/Bricksports/PHD: Lego Ad Break (still)

  • Lego4

    Warner Brothers/ITV/Bricksports/PHD: Lego Ad Break (still)


Posted by Rob Alderson

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