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    Philippe Moulain: Receipt paper vessels

Fascinatingly simple ideas made into beautiful objects by Philippe Malouin

Posted by Liv Siddall,

What an absolute pleasure it is to read about Philippe’s carefully made, happy projects. From beautifully crafted bowls made of leftover receipts, to tiny boats powered by tea lights, to contraptions that produce perfectly rectangular loaves of home made bread. You know those ideas that you have sometimes when you’re walking along in the sun that, for one reason or another, you shrug off? Well, it’ almost as if Philippe’s practice is to actually put those nice little ideas into practise. And, as you can see, it was definitely worth his while. I urge you to read more about his lovely projects over on his website.

  • Philippe-malouin_little-boat_vera-chapter-two_by-km_em_hr

    Philippe Moulain: Little Boats

  • Sevendials_164

    Philippe Moulain: Seven Dials

  • Daylights

    Philippe Moulain: Daylights

  • Mrmitre1

    Philippe Moulain: Mr.Mitre

  • Carwanbowl_small

    Philippe Moulain: Extrusion

  • Ballpoint_stool_1

    Philippe Moulain: Ballpoint Stool

  • Ballpoint_stool_2

    Philippe Moulain: Ballpoint Stool


Posted by Liv Siddall

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