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    Kasia Wozniak: Alex Mullins

Photography: A modern take on an old photography technique by Kasia Wozniak

Posted by Liv Siddall,

How great are these? They’re the absolute antithesis of throwaway snap-happy photo culture. Photographer Kasia Wozniak is the kind of girl who likes labour-intensive, all-consuming work when it comes to her craft, and so chooses to use a process entitled “wet plate collodion” in order to achieve the desired end-result.

“It is one of the first photography techniques, dating back to the middle of the 19th century,” Kasia told us. “It was invented by Frederic Scott Archer in 1839. The photograph is an outcome of a photographic ceremony, starting with the preparation of chemical solutions. You pour the negative emulsion onto the glass plate, which is then placed in the camera and exposed to the subject. The ceremony finally ends with developing the image in the darkroom. The fixed plate then becomes a hand crafted photograph.

” Wow! That beats everyone else’s boring Instagram photos any day!

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    Kasia Wozniak: Reba Maybury

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    Kasia Wozniak: Peter Bellerby

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    Kasia Wozniak: Iconography

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    Kasia Wozniak: Iconography

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    Kasia Wozniak: Reba Maybury

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    Kasia Wozniak: Alex Mullins


Posted by Liv Siddall

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