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    Michał Grochowiak: Bus at Oljato Monument Valley, Utah

Photography: Epic and very clever photography from Michał Grochowiak

Posted by Liv Siddall,

We’ve had a lot of smoke on the site this week, but there’s always room for more. Look at how Michał Grochowiak has set up this shot (above) so the coach looks as if it’s about to drive slowly into the dark depths of hell, how cool is that? He’s also got a brilliant series entitled Breath where he’s photographed puffs of smoke in quiet, empty rooms to create a haunting and pretty murdery atmosphere. To see that the subjects of his portraits often look faceless of in pain as well suggests that Michał’s got a bit of a dark-side, but that’s absolutely fine with us – we’ve seen enough happy, summery pool photos recently to last us a bloody lifetime.

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    Michał Grochowiak: Breath

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    Michał Grochowiak: Breath

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    Michał Grochowiak: Breath

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    Michał Grochowiak: Breath

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    Michał Grochowiak: Breath

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    Michał Grochowiak: Breath

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    Michał Grochowiak: Breath

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    Michał Grochowiak: Untitled (Szwed)

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    Michał Grochowiak: One Hat of Sand Above Desert, White Sands, New Mexico

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    Michał Grochowiak: Smoke No. 2, 69 Michigan Ave, Detroit, Michigan

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    Michał Grochowiak: Untitled

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    Michał Grochowiak: 76% H2O

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    Michał Grochowiak: Bus at Oljato Monument Valley, Utah


Posted by Liv Siddall

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