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    Printed Pages Winter 2013


Publication: It's time to blow our own trumpets, Printed Pages Winter has arrived!

Posted by James Cartwright,

There’s no denying it, Winter’s arrived in force and sent a bitter chill across the land. It’s darker, colder and each day is just that tiny bit more depressing than the last. Until today. Because today the Winter edition of Printed Pages finally touches down with content specially engineered to stick two fingers up to the interminable doom and gloom of winter.

The latest edition of Printed Pages is our proudest edition yet, with a striking cover illustration from Antipodean artist Jonathan Zawada housing some truly exciting articles.

We’ve got interviews with the Hayward Gallery’s daring Director Ralph Rugoff discussing his outsider status in London’s art scene and Emily King on her work as a design historian. Joe Sacco talks to us about his incredible career in war comics, Jaimie Warren shows us her brilliantly bizarre photography and legendary author Douglas Coupland explores his time art directing magazines in Japan as well as the design references that permeate his fiction.

Elsewhere there’s features on the rapidly changing face of Scandinavian product design, an illustrated mix tape from the brilliant Edward Monaghan and a behind-the-scenes look at one of London’s finest art-house cinemas; The Renoir. Nathaniel Russell tells us to high-five more cool kids in his Nice feature, and Seetal Solanki elaborates on her turbulent relationship with an ugly set of headphones.

Testimonials of cover-to-cover reading have abounded in the past three issues of the magazine so why not treat yourself some meaty art and design goodness and spend some of your cold, dark evenings lost in this little beauty.

You can order Printed Pages from our Company of Parrots shop or pick it up in UK stores at once! European and North American stock will be available shortly.

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    Printed Pages Winter 2013

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    Printed Pages Winter 2013

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    Printed Pages Winter 2013

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    Printed Pages Winter 2013

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    Printed Pages Winter 2013

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    Printed Pages Winter 2013

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    Printed Pages Winter 2013

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    Printed Pages Winter 2013

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    Printed Pages Winter 2013

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    Printed Pages Winter 2013

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    Printed Pages Winter 2013

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    Printed Pages Winter 2013

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    Printed Pages Winter 2013


Posted by James Cartwright

James started out as an intern in 2011 and came back in summer of 2012 to work online and latterly as Print Editor, before leaving in May 2015.

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    We love our favourite illustrators so much we want to tell the world about them, and we want you to be able to show the world what great taste you have in both illustration and garments too. So what better way to do that than to wear their images on your sleeve, or to be exact, on your chest. Printed Pages has teamed up with Japanese fashion brand Beams to release a limited-edition run of T-shirts from a trio of our very fave illustrators: Kyle Platts, Oscar Bolton Green and Dan Stafford, the man behind the lovely nudes images that graced the spreads of our SS15 Printed Pages.

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    The New York Times Magazine has undergone a dramatic transformation recently under the guidance of design director Gail Bichler and with the recent assistance of master of editorial design Mr Matt Willey. Together they’ve reinvigorated the United States’ best-loved weekend supplement and received huge critical acclaim in the process.

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    You may remember back in late 2014 we held a life drawing show with the lovely Mike Perry in which some of our more adventurous readers shed their clothes to be drawn by a panel of pro illustrators. Well the whole experience got us thinking about life drawing in general and its evolution in the art world. So we went about researching and interviewing people on both sides of the easel to find out why life drawing matters and what both camps get out of it.

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    As one of the founders of both Pentagram and D&AD, Alan Fletcher left an indelible mark on the design world. But as is often case with such a towering figure, the iconography can predominate and the real person recedes as we consider his life and work. What a treat then that for the new issue of Printed Pages we were given access to his sketchbooks, thanks to his wife and daughter Paola and Raffaela.

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    If you hadn’t already clocked by now, the brand spanking new SS15 issue of Printed Pages is here, and we’re pretty bloody proud of it! And with all of these fantastic features, interviews, essays and images under our belts, can you blame us for gathering up a bunch of locals at KK Outlet for a few beers, courtesy of Heineken, to toast the new issue? The sun shone, the refreshments were drunk, the mag was purchased and fun was had by all. Here are a couple of photographs of last night!

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    The pre-orders have closed kids which can mean only one thing, Printed Pages SS15 has launched OFFICIALLY! Please, no more rapturous applause, we’ve got a lot to tell you about the contents of this new issue and so little time to do it. So without further ado…

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    Week one of pre-orders is over, but you’ve still got time to get your hands on a copy of the latest Printed Pages before it’s available anywhere else – and if you’re really speedy you’ll be able to get one of the last few Alan Fletcher screen prints too. So if you’ve been holding out for the right moment to get your order in, seize it, that moment is now! If you’ve been waiting to find out more about the features in this issue then read on and we’ll show you some of the gems in SS15.

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    It’s been a good few months since we released the Winter 2014 issue of Printed Pages, but we’ve been busy little bees in that time making a magazine that’s bigger and better. It feels nicer in your hands, appears prettier to your eyes and is still unfathomably cheap. It towers at a whopping 156 pages of art and design-related goodness; that’s over 20 pages more than we’ve given you before.

  9. Paulsmith-instagram-itsnicethat-list

    “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” The line is Marcel Proust’s, quoted by Paul Smith at an Instagram event in London last week in which the fashion designer and bona fide national treasure spoke about his love of the photo-sharing platform, his longstanding passion for photography and his incredulity at how many people look, but don’t see. It’s not a problem for Paul, who finds inspiration in all manner of things and takes the opportunity to absorb what he encounters in his day-to-day life.

    Paul was bitten by the photography bug after his dad – himself a keen amateur photographer – gave him a Kodak Retinette when he was just 11. His dad had converted the attic into a dark room and Paul remembers with relish the hours spent developing pictures, superimposing one visual over another and “holding back” the image. “I thought it was magical,” he says. He has taken photographs for years and at his offices, his designers can delve into huge folders of thousands of his pictures collected down the decades. “They are pretty well organised,” Paul says. “If you came in and said ‘Has he been to Greece?’ they’d be able to say yeah in June 2013 or whatever…”

  10. List2

    Good news everyone, you can now get access to the Printed Pages archive online! It’s been ages since we sold out of the last few copies of our first four issues and if we’re honest, we’ve been getting nostalgic for all those lovely articles we published way back in 2013. There was that interview with Sagmeister & Walsh when they’d only just made Jessica a partner, our racy chat with Dian Hanson about her career in pornographic magazines, the time we found out who put a massive crack down the middle of Tate Modern and our sunny visit to Geoff McFetridge’s LA studio.

  11. List

    “As the story goes, the young Kenzo Takada left his job cutting patterns at a Tokyo department store in the mid-1960s to try his luck in fashion in the French capital. When he arrived in Paris in 1964 he had no money, little command of French, and no contacts to speak of, but his characteristic wide-eyed wonder served him well.

  12. List

    Over the past few years we’ve swooned at the beautifully designed, endlessly imaginative work of Studio Swine, whose constant experiments in the field of sustainable design seem to yield nothing but desirable results. We became so infatuated in fact, that we decided to run a whole magazine profile on the duo in the Winter issue of Printed Pages, tracking them down to a temporary studio in east London to quiz them about their process and motivations.

  13. List

    I don’t get nervous doing interviews very often, but Jeremy Deller was a sweaty-palm-inducing exception. Not only is he one of the UK’s leading artists and someone we’ve targeted for the magazine for years, he’s also one of my personal artistic heroes.