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    Psalt Design: Bubble Tank

Psalt Design create a stunning goldfish tank with a difference

Posted by Rob Alderson,

Anyone who’s ever won a goldfish at a funfair or bought one off a man in a pub will know they’re pretty dull pets. Owners try lots of things to ramp up the wow factor with models of castles and scuba divers but at the end of the day these little swimmers are able to resist all such attempts. But hang on a minute (or double the length of a goldfish’s apparent attention span) as Sheffield studio Psalt Design may just have found the solution.

Their excellent Bubble Tank adds an element of danger to proceedings, appearing as it does to be about to slip off its surface. Of course it’s not going to (that would be psychotic), it’s actually a really clever, beautiful bit of design that merely gives the illusion of instability and must be a conversation starter, even if said conversation starts “Um, dude, your goldfish tank is melting…” Each one is hand-blown and Psalt’s David Powell, Richard Bell and Tom McKeown very much see themselves in the context of Sheffield’s rich craft history.

The Bubble Tank will be on show at next week’s London Design Festival as part of Tent London.

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    Psalt Design: Bubble Tank

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    Psalt Design: Bubble Tank

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    Psalt Design: Bubble Tank

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    Psalt Design: Bubble Tank


Posted by Rob Alderson

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