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Resonate Festival 2012: Field

Posted by Charlotte Simmonds,

Resonate hopes to turn its gaze towards the unforeseen future of technology within the world of art, and if anyone’s standing alongside them it’s probably Field. Founded by Marcus Went and Vera-Maria Glahn, a duo in search of a “new digital aesthetic”, their artistic visions often take the shape of large scale installations, using digital imagery to coat a gallery space like paint on a wall (we loved their mega-immersive collaboration with Matt Pyke last year). They’ve also got a gift for making gorgeous animations inspired by nature, fluidity and movement. Vibrant and innovative, these guys make the kind of digital future we’d like to live in.


Posted by Charlotte Simmonds

Californian Charlotte joined us as an editorial intern after studying at New York university and London Metropolitan University. She wrote for the site between January and March 2012.