• Laplayacanyon

    Ricardo Rodrigues: La Playa Canyon

Ricardo Rodrigues is a fictional alter ego with phenomenal creative talents

Posted by James Cartwright,

Advertising creative and all-round nice guy Mico Toledo has had a little bit of time on his hands recently and rather than fill that void with computer games and over-eating he’s created himself a latino alter-ego who creates imaginary, mystical national parks from found postcards – he’s called Ricardo Rodrigues. Sounds VERY weird, but actually it’s only a little bit odd and ultimately brilliant.

Amalgamating a mass of found material into carefully arranged compositions, Ricardo Rodrigues has pieced together some pretty stunning imaginary landscapes that fuse all the best bits of Yosemite, The Alps, summertime Switzerland and Scandinavia. It’s a beautifully executed project that conclusively solves the problem of global tourism’s effects on the environment – just put everything together in one place and stop faffing about. Job done!

  • Frostbitetrail

    Ricardo Rodrigues: Frostbite Trail

  • Gebogenerberg

    Ricardo Rodrigues: Gebogener Berg

  • Ladyfacesummit

    Ricardo Rodrigues: Lady Face Summit

  • Larocaenamorada

    Ricardo Rodrigues: La Roca Enamorada

  • Rocheerrant

    Ricardo Rodrigues: Roche Errant

  • Rocliffevalley

    Ricardo Rodrigues: Rocliffe Valley

  • Sawfoomonosuevalley

    Ricardo Rodrigues: Sawfoomonosue Valley

  • Thefaithfulfive

    Ricardo Rodrigues: The Faithful Five

  • Tunarvore

    Ricardo Rodrigues: Tunarvore

  • Thunderskyefalls

    Ricardo Rodrigues: Thunder Skye Falls


Posted by James Cartwright

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