Space plus Richard Hogg minus incomprehensible science chat equals killer animation

Posted by James Cartwright,

We’re big fans of Mr Richard Hogg. He’s got a charming way with line that never fails to please us here in the studio, whether he’s doing a lovely drawing of a breakneck mountain biker or decorating the walls of one of our favourite Lebanese restaurants. So we were delighted to find out (albeit slightly belatedly) that he’s turned his talented hand to the world of astronomy for the Royal Greenwich Observatory, teaching us space-ignorant folks all about the wonders of the universe and the planets that surround our Earth. It looks great, sounds ace and it’s got the added bonus of being chock full of useful astronomical information. Winner!

  • Hogg3

    Richard Hogg: Measuring the Universe

  • Hogg1

    Richard Hogg: Measuring the Universe

  • Hogg2

    Richard Hogg: Measuring the Universe


Posted by James Cartwright

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