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Richard Pearse

Posted by Maya Davies,

Richard Pearse remains pretty elusive, only confirming on his site that he is a Kiwi “living in a shed in Patea, South Taranaki.” I wonder what that shed looks like because if his work is anything to go by I’m sure it’s exquisitely well crafted. His sculptural paintings cum woodwork mosaics conjure up old weatherboard houses with peeling paint, intricate tiled floors, aboriginal art, geometric abstract paintings, and colouring-in squares on your maths book (nostalgic). The pieces seem particularly effective due to the careful consideration of rhythms built up by the number and size of the wooden offcuts layered together, coupled with the textural nature of the “paintings.”

Posted by Maya Davies

Maya joined It’s Nice That in 2011 as our first ever events manager as well as writing for the site, in particular about architecture. She left in the summer of 2013.