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    Patrick Dewaere and Gerard Depardieu ride bikes

Photography: A blog of old-school actors on bikes? Yes please

Posted by Rob Alderson,

I’m not sure how we’ve never come across this Tumblr before but no matter because our tardiness only means that there’s a massive archive of the ebullient Rides A Bike for us to enjoy. The brainchild of American film critic Steven Rea, it’s a collection of images of well-known faces on two wheels taken predominantly on film sets during the silver screen’s golden age. It’s also a book and an app if this fails to provide enough of a supercool-celebrity-cycle fix but as a starting point – if you’re late to the party like us – delve into this treasure trove of a blog and ponder this – nobody has ever looked as cool as David Niven on a bike (and nobody ever will).

  • Rab1

    Victor Borge rides a bike

  • Rab2

    Angela Lansbury rides a bike

  • Rab3

    Yvette Mimieux rides a bike

  • Rab4

    Minerva Griswold, Jane Hopkins, Rita Hayworth and Virginia Hovey ride bikes

  • Rab5

    Warren Beatty rides a bike

  • Rab6

    Paul Newman side-rides a bike

  • Tumblr_mjmdgbhedv1qf6o97o1_500

    Mary Beth Hughes rides a bike. Backwards

  • Tumblr_mn2dhax38j1qf6o97o1_500

    David Niven rides a bike

  • Tumblr_mk082oyajw1qf6o97o1_500

    Donald Sutherland rides a bike

  • Tumblr_mmkxzkst611qf6o97o1_500-1

    Dick Van Dyke rides a bike


Posted by Rob Alderson

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