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    Robin Chevalier: Current Economy (detail). The Economist

Holy guacamole! Illustrator Robin Chevalier sure is super

Posted by Catherine Gaffney,

Robin Chevalier’s illustrations caught our eye the other day, when his brightly coloured work accompanied this recent Economist article on the data available in urban environments. With playful use of pattern and outline, and a sharp evocation of city bustle set against buildings presented as measuring containers, the image readily engages potential readers. An exploration of Chevalier’s other editorial illustration work reveals the same vitality, and, with a background in printmaking, his work appears well-suited to print and online publication alike. There are nods to screenprinting, with appealingly uneven overlaps of colours and this, combined with humorous line-drawing, ensures there is a consistently child-like quality, offering a warm welcome into complicated subject matter.

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    Robin Chevalier: Builder

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    Robin Chevalier: Instore

  • Robin-chevalier-7

    Robin Chevalier: Blind

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    Robin Chevalier: Tatooed Man – celebrating the arts

  • Robin-chevalier-9

    Robin Chevalier: The Sea Wolf, by Jack London (book cover)

  • Robin-chevalier-4

    Robin Chevalier: Right Ho Jeeves, by P.G. Wodehouse (book cover)


Posted by Catherine Gaffney

Catherine joined us as an editorial intern after studying at Trinity College Dublin and Central Saint Martins. She wrote for the site between June and August 2012.