• Brulat-hero

    Ruben Brulat: Paths (detail)

Ruben Brulat's Paths series pits nature against the bare human form with striking effect

Posted by James Cartwright,

During a year of international travelling, photographer Ruben Brulat undertook a personal project that saw him inviting strangers to romp naked across the exotic landscapes in which they found themselves – Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Tibet and Indonesia. Stopping passers-by and asking for their participation Ruben amassed a series of images and stories of individuals and couples embracing the landscape with their whole bodies. At times erotic, at others like the result of some fit of reckless abandon the images all paint a picture of humanity at its weakest and most open; exposed to the elements and the whims of their surroundings. This series is reminiscent of John Crawford’s Aerial Nudes which we featured a while back but with less whimsy and more existential questioning.

  • 1_-racines-recherch%c3%a9es

    Ruben Brulat: Racines Recherchées

  • 2_-rimes-irr%c3%a9guli%c3%a8res

    Ruben Brulat: Rimes Irrégulières

  • 3_-patiences

    Ruben Brulat: Patiences

  • 4_au-temps-disparu

    Ruben Brulat: Au Temps Disparu

  • 5_-douces-brise

    Ruben Brulat: Douces Brise

  • 6_-odeurs-d'origines

    Ruben Brulat: Odeurs d’Origines

  • 7_-commencement-retrouv%c3%a9

    Ruben Brulat: Commencement Retrouvé

  • 8_-mouvement

    Ruben Brulat: Mouvement

  • 9_-cimes-aux-pas-subtiles

    Ruben Brulat: Cimes Aux Pas Subtiles

  • 10_-flirt

    Ruben Brulat: Flirt

  • 11_-au-dessous-des-dessus

    Ruben Brulat: Aux Dessous des Dessus

  • 12_-emportez-nous

    Ruben Brulat: Emportez Nous


Posted by James Cartwright

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