Advertising: Ryan Hopkinson and Hirsch & Man play with 100 Sony smartphones

Posted by Rob Alderson,

When we interviewed him a couple of months back Ryan Hopkinson alluded to an (at that stage top secret) project he was working on with Sony, and now we can all enjoy the fruits of those labours. It’s no surprise to see something so impressive coming from a creative we are well used to being wowed by, but this new work sees him push his practice in a captivating new direction. Collaborating with Hirsch & Mann and featuring Christopher Raeburn’s S/S 14 collection, Ryan used 100 Sony Experia Z smartphones to create a spiral catwalk sculpture for his piece which “crosses the boundaries of art, fashion and technology exploring the process of photography and film creation utilising custom software, bespoke apps and a wireless control system.”

It’s a brilliantly atmospheric piece, with technological innovation and aesthetic sensibility marching neatly in step – there’s also a nice behind-the-scenes (below) for those eager to delve into the process a little deeper.

  • Rh1

    Ryan Hopkinson/Hirsch & Mann: Experia Z vs Fashion (still)

  • Rh2

    Ryan Hopkinson/Hirsch & Mann: Experia Z vs Fashion (still)

  • Rh3

    Ryan Hopkinson/Hirsch & Mann: Experia Z vs Fashion (still)

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    Ryan Hopkinson/Hirsch & Mann: Experia Z vs Fashion (still)


Posted by Rob Alderson

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