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    Sabina Baumann: Ich, Du, Es Sein

Sabina Baumann's beautiful graphite sketches demand a closer look...

Posted by James Cartwright,

Sabina Baumann has been making incredible work since before I was even born, embarking on her artistic career in 1987. Since then she’s mastered pretty much every medium out there, from elaborate sculptural processes and finessed ceramic work to scratchy crayon compositions and highly detailed pencil sketches. All of her creations have a surrealist flavour, transplanting iconic imagery and objects into ambiguous landscapes that combine to form highly anachronistic works, devoid of time and place.

At the centre of Sabina’s work is a preoccupation with the ubiquity of everyday stereotypes – the permeation of assigned roles and expectations into the collective consciousness, particularly those relating to sexuality and gender. By removing objects and images from their traditional place and heaping them into homogenous bundles or displaying them in fresh environments Sabina hopes to force us to appreciate people and objects by their own individual merits, rather than defaulting to our own staid world views.

Sabina’s new zine Finger aus Licht has just been released through Nieves and is definitely worth getting hold of if you like what you see here.

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    Sabina Baumann: Koerper, Geister, Landschaft

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    Sabina Baumann: Untitled

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    Sabina Baumann: Alle, Alles, Eins

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    Sabina Baumann: 4bein

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    Sabina Baumann: 4arm

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    Sabina Baumann: Little Boy Hopi


Posted by James Cartwright

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