Sabrina Ratté's eye-bending video for Suuns is a little package of lo-fi joy

Posted by Alex Bec,

When it comes to flicking through Canadian visual artist Sabrina Ratté’s portfolio of moving image work, you’re never quite sure where you are. The glitchy mix of analogue and digital techniques leave plenty of room for both carefully conceived and beautifully serendipitous outcomes that probably resemble the inner workings of her brain. Regardless, who cares what they look like when they’re as magic as they are? Oh yeah, the point of this article was to tell you all to watch her latest video for Suuns – sorry that took so long to get to. Enjoy!

  • Su1

    Sabrina Ratté: Suuns – 2020 (still)

  • Su2

    Sabrina Ratté: Suuns – 2020 (still)

  • Su3

    Sabrina Ratté: Suuns – 2020 (still)

  • Su4

    Sabrina Ratté: Suuns – 2020 (still)


Posted by Alex Bec

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