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    Sac Magique: Future Library

Have a gander at some glorious updates from the curious mind of Sac Magique

Posted by James Cartwright,

What on earth goes on inside Sac Magique’s head? Is it really all dancing mice and protesting owls or is there more to it than that? We’re not really sure how a man with such a bizarre imagination goes about his daily business. Can you picture the creator of the Secret Sipper filing out his tax returns? No. What about driving a car? We sincerely hope not, there’s no telling what flights of fancy might distract him from the task at hand. In fact really all we’d like Mr Magique to do is sit at a big desk with all his coloured pens and keep creating the magical worlds we love so much.

Which is exactly what he’s doing! And what’s more he’s just set up a new blog where you can enjoy the unadulterated madness of his own personal sketches. Excellent stuff!

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    Sac Magique: Future Library

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    Sac Magique: Future Library

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    Sac Magique: Future Library

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    Sac Magique: Secret Sipper

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    Sac Magique: One Fine Morning

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    Sac Magique: Smiley Culture


Posted by James Cartwright

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