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    Sam Chivers: Saint Mandrill

Submerse yourself in the unconscious world of Sam Chivers

Posted by Holly Wilkins,

Surreal landscapes and detached narratives are the fundamentals for Sam Chivers, a Brighton-based artist and illustrator. His is a world where nature and shapes collide, and monkeys rein free – I suspect something rather mental goes on inside Sam’s head! At a young age, Sam was inspired by Jean ‘Moebius’ Giraud, the God of comic artists, and since then has developed his love for drawing with sumptuous style.

Describing his own work as “science fiction, cosmical and the fantastical, and an innate love of landscape,” I challenge you to look at his work and not be bowled over by this guy’s vivid imagination.

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    Sam Chivers: Print for Pick Me Up

  • Distant-gods_faded-suns

    Sam Chivers: Distant Gods/Faded Suns

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    Sam Chivers: Tetrahedron

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    Sam Chivers: Untitled

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    Sam Chivers: Untitled

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    Sam Chivers: Lux Volca

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    Sam Chivers: End Game of Nothing


Posted by Holly Wilkins

Holly worked with us as an editorial intern after studying at Leeds University and working in the PR industry in Los Angeles for a short period. She wrote for the site between March and May 2013.