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    Sam Falls for Dazed & Confused

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    Sam Falls for Dazed & Confused

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    Composition 10, 2010

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    Composition 14, 2010

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    Composition 1, 2010

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    Composition 18, 2010

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    Sam Falls

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    Ceramics and Smog, 2010

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    Spare Tire, 2010

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    Oranges, 2010

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    Judy’s Room, 2010

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    Sam Falls

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    Sam Falls

Sam Falls

Posted by Bryony Quinn,

Sam Falls (responsible for Dazed & Confused’s latest cover) adopts any effective medium, regardless of its traditional context, often starting with a photograph and deleting by adding colour and forms into a pastel-like pastiche of art processes. He uses studio photography, Photoshop-paint and paint-paint but the work resists being defined under the assumed categorisations that go with any of these art tools. They are ridiculously involved works in one way and a simple, happy pleasure to look at – so perhaps it is traditional after all.


Posted by Bryony Quinn

Bryony was It’s Nice That’s first ever intern and worked her way up to assistant online editor before moving on to pursue other interests in the summer of 2012.