• Iw1

    Samuel Branton: So what would you little maniacs like to do first?, 2010

  • Iw2

    Samuel Branton: Wherever you where, I’m happy you came back, 2010

  • Iw4

    Samuel Branton: Wherever you where, I’m happy you came back, 2010

  • Iw3

    Samuel Branton: Of all the Queens that ever ruled, I choose you, 2010

  • Iw12-1

    Samuel Branton: The executioners face is always well hidden, 2010

  • Iw6

    Samuel Branton: I like the cool way you look at me, everything about you is bringing me misery, 2010

  • Iw7

    Samuel Branton: So, the puppet thinks he’s a real boy, 2010

  • Iw11

    Samuel Branton: I saw a new born baby with wild wolves all around it, 2010

  • Iw13

    Samuel Branton: Just don’t tell me you’re innocent, 2010

  • Picture-2

    Samuel Branton: She did that on purpose, 2007

  • Sp1

    Samuel Branton: Childs Play, 2008

  • Sp5

    Samuel Branton: You’re gonna love the way they tickle, 2007

  • Sp4

    Samuel Branton: There are heroes in the seaweed, 2008

  • Sp7

    Samuel Branton: They were asked if they were Gods and they said no, 2008

Samuel Branton

Posted by Charlotte Simmonds,

Samuel Branton would have been the man that pioneering explorers took along with them to faraway lands where – armed with mere pencil and paper – he would document a new world populated by a genteel aristocracy and debauched mythical beasts. His delightfully unsettling fantasies see Sabine beauties molested by octupus tentacles, or force us to watch as top-hatted gentlemen topple helplessly into open mouthed pond monsters. Trouble is, after three years of prolific sketching he just sort of… stopped. Come back Sam Bran! We’re slobbering for more!


Posted by Charlotte Simmonds

Californian Charlotte joined us as an editorial intern after studying at New York university and London Metropolitan University. She wrote for the site between January and March 2012.