Dead Father Christmas in this hard hitting animation from Beyond

Posted by James Cartwright,

Another bit of festive fun here in the form of an animated infomercial for the big man of Christmas himself. Design studio Beyond have produced this witty piece of video as their client Christmas card but be warned, everything is not quite as lighthearted as it might at first seem. Rather than simply embracing the feelgood spirit, Beyond have decided to dispel its greatest myth with cold, hard science, demonstrating the impossibility of Santa and his super sleigh. It’s a hilarious antidote to the trite sentimentality we’re used to at this time of year, just make sure there’s no kids sat behind you while you watch.

  • Santa-1

    Beyond: Does Santa Really Exist?

  • Santa-2

    Beyond: Does Santa Really Exist?

  • Santa-3

    Beyond: Does Santa Really Exist?


Posted by James Cartwright

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