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    Sara Cwynar: Kitsch Encyclopaedia

Tremendous graphic design portfolio from Sara Cwynar of The New York Times

Posted by Liv Siddall,

One of Print Magazine’s 20 Under 30 New Visual Artists in 2011, designer Sara Cwynar is proving herself to be mighty popular in the design and visual arts world. A young and self proclaimed graphic designer and artist, Sara’s work is the toast of many a trendy blog with her vivid colours, readily-viewable mood boards and open passion for all things magic. The combination of the dreamy things that inspire her, combined with her very impressive and professional knowledge of layout – see The New York Times Magazine, where she works – makes her a curious rarity, and definitely one to watch.

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    Sara Cwynar: Accidental Archives

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    Sara Cwynar: Accidental Colourbooks

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    Sara Cwynar: Made in US

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    Sara Cwynar: Kitsch Encyclopaedia

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    Sara Cwynar:

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    Sara Cwynar:

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    Sara Cwynar: Simulated Landscapes

  • Saracwynar_simu15

    Sara Cwynar: Simulated Landscapes

  • Aestheticse1

    Sara Cwynar: Aesthetics of Control book

  • Aestheticsb4

    Sara Cwynar: Aesthetics of Control book


Posted by Liv Siddall

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