• Applebaum-hero

    Sarah Applebaum: Picket Signs in Studio

Psychedelic yetis and giant knitted chains from the brilliant Sarah Applebaum

Posted by James Cartwright,

Self-taught artist, maker, sculptor, painter, knitter, crochet master, costume designer and installation-creator Sarah Applebaum makes brilliantly psychedelic, totally surreal 3D work for her own enjoyment and at the request of clients. Giant felt guns, neon yetis and voyeuristic eyes peering from trompe-l’œil holes in the floor all feature in Sarah’s brilliantly engaging portfolio. A resident of San Francisco there’s no denying that the incessant sunshine of The Golden State has come to bear on Sarah’s work; a welcome visual antidote to this period of incessant winter.

  • Applebaum-2

    Sarah Applebaum: Untitled

  • Applebaum-8

    Sarah Applebaum: Conjoined Yetis

  • Applebaum-7

    Sarah Applebaum: I Feel More Comfortable Now

  • Applebaum-6

    Sarah Applebaum: Psychological Protest

  • Applebaum-4

    Sarah Applebaum: Picket Signs in Studio

  • Applebaum-3

    Sarah Applebaum: Toppled

  • Applebaum-1

    Sarah Applebaum: Knit Chain

  • Applebaum-5

    Sarah Applebaum: Red Chain 143ft

  • Applebaum-9

    Sarah Applebaum: Paper and Wood


Posted by James Cartwright

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