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Gorgeous forest stairways to nowhere from Norway's Saunders Architecture

Posted by Rob Alderson,

Arguably our architectural highlight of 2012 came from Norwegian studio Saunders Architecture and their jaw-dropping artists’ studios on the island of Fogo, and blow me if they haven’t tickled us again. Forest Stair in the Sti For Øye sculpture park in Stokke is a series of walkways raised above the forest canopy. Combining sympathetic materials, amazing views and overarching philosophical musings (stairways to nowhere? To heaven?) they are fine looking additions to the breathtaking Norwegian landscape. And this is clearly no fluke, as anyone familiar with Saunders’ 2006 Aurland Lookout knows these guys are seriously talented at maximising the natural wow-factor of their homeland.

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    Saunders Architecture: Aurland Lookout (2006)

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    Saunders Architecture: Aurland Lookout (2006)

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    Saunders Architecture: Aurland Lookout (2006)

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    Saunders Architecture: Aurland Lookout (2006)


Posted by Rob Alderson

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