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    ScanLAB: Frozen Relic, Nick Cobbing/Greenpeace.

ScanLAB bring the Arctic's icebergs to the heart of London in their latest show

Posted by James Cartwright,

3D Scanning masterminds ScanLAB have more or less got the market cornered when it come to their specific field of expertise. Using a range of precision technologies they’re able to capture three-dimensional structures in millimetre-perfect detail, making them indispensable to architects and geologists, but also incredibly interesting to laymen like us.

For their latest project, Frozen Relic, they embarked on an oceanic journey across the seas of the Arctic, mapping the unique contours of the ice floes they discover there. To illustrate the scale and complexity of these vast objects within a gallery environment ScanLAB have created CNC moulds of each floe and cast them in salt water. Over the course of the day the these frozen sculptural forms melt and are re-cast overnight, illustrating the fragile nature of the Arctic waters and their fast-disappearing frozen islands.

You can catch the last few days of Frozen Relic at the Architecture Association until February 9.

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    ScanLAB: Frozen Relic

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    ScanLAB: Frozen Relic

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    ScanLAB: Frozen Relic

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    ScanLAB: Frozen Relic

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    ScanLAB: Frozen Relic

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    ScanLAB: Frozen Relic

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    ScanLAB: Frozen Relic


Posted by James Cartwright

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