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    William Forsythe: Scattered Crowds

Here are some balloons; they are floating. This is Scattered Crowds.

Posted by Ross Bryant,

We’ve seen some fantastic installation art recently, ranging from the Interactive Thunderstorm in Philadelphia, to The Rain Room in London. And now – joy of joys – we’re reflecting on more amazing installation art for y’all to dive into. This time we’re in the Bockenhelmer Depot, in Frankfurt, Germany. Ready? Right, let’s GO!

The magical spacial installation Scattered Crowds was conceived of by multi-disciplinary artist William Forsythe. Thousands of white balloons are suspended in the air, accompanied by a wash of music, emphasising “the air-borne landscape of relationships, distance, of humans and emptiness, of coalescence and decision”. Obviously, keep your eyes open and finish reading my little post, but this installation is well worth taking five; Put some tunes on and visualise your world surrounded by balloons. What would you do? How would you move?

And that’s the physical point of the installation – you’re forced to interact with each balloon which requires effort to manoeuvre, dodge, dance pass, or simply run headlong through like a sexually charged elephant. William’s installation draws this out of everybody who interacts with it, replicating the emotions and decisions of people. With this in mind, please – no pins!

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    William Forsythe: Scattered Crowds

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    William Forsythe: Scattered Crowds

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    William Forsythe: Scattered Crowds

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    William Forsythe: Scattered Crowds

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    William Forsythe: Scattered Crowds


Posted by Ross Bryant

Ross worked with us as an editorial intern after studying at the University of Lincoln. He wrote for the site between October and December 2012.