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    Scott King: Art Works

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    Scott King: Art Works

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    Scott King: Art Works

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    Scott King: Art Works

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    Scott King: Art Works

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    Scott King: Art Works

Scott King's new solo show picks up familiar themes of cultural estrangement

Posted by Rob Alderson,

Scott King is the laureate of the New Labour/Loaded culture, undermining Britain’s millennnial self-confidence to show us that beneath the Cool Britannia gloss, we’re a culture that knows neither what we’re doing or where we’re going.

His work is innovative, visually stimulating and eclectic but more than that it’s important, it challenges blithe mass media assumptions about how we want to see ourselves and it needles away at what we think we know.

His new show solo show Finish The Work That You’ve Started opens this weekend in London featuring typically impressive new work chiding us tongue-in-cheek to question social choices that have calcified into accepted realities. We can’t wait.

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    Scott King: A Balloon For Britain

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    Scott King: Martin Hilf Mir!

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    Scott King: Long Live Death

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    Scott King: Ideology and The Mass Media (I Was Seduced, Not Abused)

  • Marxist-disco-_cancelled__hs7-sk3035e

    Scott King: Marxist Disco (Cancelled)

Finish The Work That You’ve Started is at Herald Street from June 2 to July 8.


Posted by Rob Alderson

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