Sean Pecknold presents an apocalyptic tale of charming animated simplicity

Posted by Bryony Quinn,

The apocalypse is here in Sean Pecknold’s latest animation and it falls on the (headless) shoulders of two shadows – literally, metaphorically – to represent the last of humankind. The male gets it into his head that they should procreate, something the female, and myself, find a confusing and prolonging act of pointlessness – queue relationship problems. It’s a charming and esoteric animation, made simply of paper and rice, a departure in style from the last we saw of Sean and his music video for Shrine, epically crafted for the band Fleet Foxes, but this is in no way a bad thing and the unelaborate animation devices compliment the narrative so that Sean’s distinctive ability to tell a great story is as vital in the work as ever.


Posted by Bryony Quinn

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