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Shane McAdams: Ball Point Pen Paintings

Posted by Charlotte Simmonds,

Shane McAdams can claim to be the coolest kid with a ballpoint pen (and it wouldn’t be the first time he’s been called that.) His technique involves some sort of elaborate method in which the chosen pen has its cartridge removed and its contents blown out before the whole lot gets taken to a tanning salon for a bit of UV light-blasting. I’m not sure I get it, but technicalities aside the results are stunning, simultaneously reminiscent of Rothko and an aura borealis over Tron City. At his most poignant we can witness a bucolic paradise on the brink of disappearance inside an ever-contracting universe of manmade material. Lovely stuff.


Posted by Charlotte Simmonds

Californian Charlotte joined us as an editorial intern after studying at New York university and London Metropolitan University. She wrote for the site between January and March 2012.