• Sharmila-banerjee-lead

    Sharmila Banerjee: Fame (detail)

Happy-go-crazy comics and illustrative insights into the psyche of Sharmila Banerjee

Posted by Bryony Quinn,

Pleasantly surreal, textural comics and illustrations from Berlin-based image maker Sharmila Banerjee include the unexpected likes of Grace Jones, anthropomorphic characters, jungle-cum-duvet patterns, The Numskulls inspired portraits and pineapple party scenes. Sharmila is a prolific maker in these sorts of works and, as member of comics collective “The Treasure Fleet”: and small press publisher of Salmiak Comics (with “Martin Ernstsen”: ), hers is a name that I have successfully (finally) triangulated between the Tumblr-sphere, anthologies and comics festivals. I couldn’t be happier.

  • Sharmila-banerjee-strapazin

    Sharmila Banerjee for Strapazin

  • Sharmila-banerjee-a5

    Sharmila Banerjee

  • Sharmila-banerjee-collectibles_0

    Sharmila Banerjee: Collectibles

  • Sharmila-banarjee-fame

    Sharmila Banerjee: Fame

  • Sharmila-banerjee-daddeln

    Sharmila Banerjee: Daddeln

  • Sharmila-banerjee-visitmyhead

    Sharmila Banerjee: Visit my Head

  • Sharmila-banerjee-lepi-cover

    Sharmila Banerjee: Lepidopter

  • Sharmila-banerjee-lepi-3

    Sharmila Banerjee: Lepidopter

  • Sharmila-banerjee-lepi-4

    Sharmila Banerjee: Lepidopter


Posted by Bryony Quinn

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