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Snake Scans and Utopian Domes — The wonders of indie publishers Shelter Press

Posted by Liv Siddall,

“Plants, abstraction, noise music, darkness, patterns, poetry, masks, cosmic sex, sunsets, landscapes, ceremonies, or stones can be found as recurrent topics of the images and sounds you will stare at from our garden.” Hmm, well if that one-liner isn’t an incentive to want to know more about this independent publishing company, I don’t know what is.

Run by designer Bartolomé Sanson and artist and musician Felicia Atkinson, Shelter Press prides itself on publishing the more Utopian, wondrous publications and records that seek to delve into the unknown. Examples of this include a fantastic zine full of images of scanned snakes, and a publication about dome-houses that is so true to the designs of yore that it could almost be found in a 1970s car boot sale. Their newest publication, Veronesi Rose, has recently been added to the magical collection of objects they have collated in their online store.

“We do believe that each records and books we publish will offer a threshold to your wonders. Welcome to our land.”

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    Shelter Press: Camille Vivier — Veronesi Rose

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    Shelter Press: Camille Vivier — Veronesi Rose

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    Shelter Press: Camille Vivier — Veronesi Rose

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    Shelter Press: Camille Vivier — Veronesi Rose

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    Shelter Press: Snake Scans

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    Shelter Press: Snake Scans

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    Shelter Press: An Age Of Wonder by Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier

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    Shelter Press: Domebook 2

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    Shelter Press: Domebook 2


Posted by Liv Siddall

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