How about a mind-blowing piece of stop-motion from Kijek/Adamski

Posted by James Cartwright,

You may be aware that we enjoy a bit of Adam Buxton in our lives. He’s a real wit, that Buxton chap, and it seems he’s got a pretty good grasp of some of the best creative talent out there, regularly collaborating with some of the finest animators on his BugTV show. So when he tweets about an animation enthusiastically you can pretty much guarantee it’s going to be a beauty. Take this beautiful piece of stop motion for Shugo Tokumaru for example; it’s a stunning piece of laboriously layered paper cuts that’s utterly mind-blowing to watch. The attention to detail in the production is flawless and there’s a guy in the middle who vomits a rainbow. Thanks Adam for pointing us to this gem, and congratulations to Kijek/Adamski for producing it in the first place.

  • Tokamuro-1

    Kijek/Adamski: Katachi

  • Tokamuro-2

    Kijek/Adamski: Katachi

  • Tokamuro-3

    Kijek/Adamski: Katachi


Posted by James Cartwright

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