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    Siggi Eggertsson: Reykjavik

Simply stunning illustrations for Icelandic bank by the superb Siggi Eggertsson

Posted by Rob Alderson,

Well rip up your holiday plans and cancel that appointment with the travel agent (old school) because if you don’t want to visit Iceland after seeing these then there’s something wrong. Very wrong.

The news that Siggi Eggertsson had updated his website got us all a-flutter and with very good reason as it turns out. There’s plenty to enjoy but the stand-out work for us were these illustrations for Icelandic bank Landsbankinn. They’re dynamic, colourful and vibrant as you’d expect if you’re at all familiar with Siggi’s stuff, but what’s really outstanding about them is the variety of environments he recreates with the same flair. It doesn’t matter if it’s a waterfall, a factory, a port, a gay pride parade, a farm or an office building, Siggi’s illustrations are brimful of impressionistic character.

Banks aren’t the most popular institutions these days but maybe after seeing these a few more will follow their Icelandic counterpart’s lead and get Siggi to work his loveable magic for them too.

And if you really needed any more convincing that Siggi’s a creative at the top of his game, his identity for this year’s Reykjavik Arts Festival and his Phillip Glass cover for The Village Voice should seal the deal.

  • Gaypride

    Siggi Eggertsson: Gay Pride for Landsbankinn

  • Akureyri

    Siggi Eggertsson: Akureyri for Landsbankinn

  • Greenhouse

    Siggi Eggertsson: Greenhouse for Landsbankinn

  • Arnarfjordur

    Siggi Eggertsson: Arnarfjordur for Landsbankinn

  • Thingvellir

    Siggi Eggertsson: Thingvellir for Landsbankinn

  • Rvk

    Siggi Eggertsson: Rvk for Landsbankinn

  • Thordata

    Siggi Eggertsson: Thordata for Landsbankinn

  • Verkstaedi

    Siggi Eggertsson: Verkstaedi for Landsbankinn

  • Sveit

    Siggi Eggertsson: Sveit for Landsbankinn

  • Austurstraeti

    Siggi Eggertsson: Austrurstraeti for Landsbankinn

  • Verdlaunaveggspjald-listahatidar-i-reykjavik-2012

    Siggi Eggertsson: Reykjavik Arts Festival 2012 identity

  • 05-coverlrrgb

    Siggi Eggertsson: Phillip Glass cover for The Village Voice


Posted by Rob Alderson

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