• Mp7

    Lubetkin and Tecton (1982)

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    Richard Smith (1973)

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    Sol LeWitt 1993)

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    Jan Dibbets (1977)

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    Richard Hamilton Graphics (1970)

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    Dan Graham (1978)

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    Andre, Flavin, Judd, Lewitt (1976)

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    Alexander Rodchenko (1979)

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    Peter Kennard (1983)

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    Sol LeWitt (1993)

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    Carl Andre (1975)

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    Hans Haacke (1978)

Simon and Tom Bloor: 50:50

Posted by Rob Alderson,

Now you know how much we like art, posters and nostalgia (in PRECISELY that order), right? Well imagine our utter joy when we came across Modern Art Oxford’s tremendous 50:50 project, which saw artists Simon and Tom Bloor let loose on the gallery’s archives to pick 50 of the most interesting, exciting, visually-arresting exhibition posters they could find. It’s the first in a series of events to mark MOA’s 50th birthday in 2015 and there’s a nice explanatory paragraph attached to each, but it’s the eye-candy which steals the show.


Posted by Rob Alderson

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