• Kubik_02

    Simon Bent: Kubik Identity

Simon Bent is painting Melbourne multi-coloured with his vibrant design

Posted by James Cartwright,

Graphic Designer Simon Bent (aka Volume 2a) has confirmed two long-held suspicions for me with his striking portfolio of work; firstly, that bright, bold graphic design and thumping music is a match made in heaven, and secondly that Melbourne is a place I’d really like to visit. Working predominantly for an exceptionally trendy client list, Simon’s work is awash with experimental geometric forms, free-flowing line work and bright, engaging colours as well as some pleasingly abstract type and a plethora of visual trickery. Melbourne’s music scene is lucky to have such a talented designer creating the visuals for their night-time activities.

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    Simon Bent: Kubik Identity

  • Kubik_03

    Simon Bent: Kubik Posters

  • Kubik_04

    Simon Bent: Kubik Posters

  • Kubik_05

    Simon Bent: Kubik Posters

  • Melbourne

    Simon Bent: Melbourne

  • Visualterror

    Simon Bent: Visual Terror

  • Damn-terran

    Simon Bent: Damn Terran


Posted by James Cartwright

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