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    Simone Cavadini: Res Pvblica (detail)

Photography: Simone Cavadini photographs empty Italian television studios

Posted by Maisie Skidmore,

No, it’s not some kind of semi-executed optical illusion – these are actually empty television studio sets from some of Milan’s most famous TV providers, brought to you in spectacular style by Simone Cavadini.

Born in an Italian-speaking area of Switzerland and now based in Paris, Simone’s photography is imbued with references and themes diverse enough to leave even the most seasoned critic flummoxed. Simone’s photographic portraiture has led him to this project, Res Pvblica, about the sets on which some of Milan’s grandest television channels record their shows. The project looks to examine the ways in which studio environments look to de-subjectivise the viewer, with their imposing decors, hyper-baroque structures and plentiful floodlights. They’re photographed without the hazy glamour of a TV screen, however, they look absolutely enormous and kind of absurd, even ghostly. An excellent skew in perspective by a photographer with many a trick up his sleeve yet.

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    Simone Cavadini: Res Pvblica

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    Simone Cavadini: Res Pvblica

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    Simone Cavadini: Res Pvblica

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    Simone Cavadini: Res Pvblica

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    Simone Cavadini: Res Pvblica


Posted by Maisie Skidmore

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