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Spitalfields Life: A View of Christ Church Spitalfields

Posted by Rob Alderson,

The new Hawksmoor show at The Royal Academy celebrates the superstar architect and his work but buildings – and in particular churches – do not exist in isolation. They form part of communities which react to, combine with and sometimes outgrow them. This magnificent series from the insanely-good Spitalfields Life blog shows Hawksmoor’s Christ Church Spitalfields from a variety of angles, sometimes proud and dominant, at other times peeping through the skyline competitors of modern life. Beautiful on their own terms, they are also a comment on religion and regeneration, shifting attitudes and enduring landmarks.

There’s an excellently written piece that goes with them too, but the person behind them is referred to only as "the gentle author’ so for the moment the man or woman responsible must remain a mystery!


Posted by Rob Alderson

Editor-in-Chief Rob oversees editorial across all three It’s Nice That platforms; online, print and events. He has a background in newspaper journalism and a particular interest in art, advertising and photography. He is the main host of the Studio Audience podcast.