Hard-hitting gun control video demonstrates impeccable directorial skill

Posted by James Cartwright,

Now and again we come across work that our name doesn’t quite do justice to; calling it nice doesn’t cut it, and now and again is perhaps even a little misleading. In this particular instance that’s definitely the case – there’s nothing nice about this advert from Grey NYC. Nevertheless you can’t fault the execution of this 30 second piece of film that manages to be provocative, shocking and flawlessly communicative with little more than a simple message, clear direction and well-considered copy. Whichever side of the gun control discussion you’re on (and it’s a more nuanced debate than most comments sections on the web would have you believe) it’s impossible to deny the directorial skill at play here.

  • Gunpetition-2

    Grey NY: States United to Prevent Gun Violence

  • Gunpetition-4

    Grey NY: States United to Prevent Gun Violence

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    Grey NY: States United to Prevent Gun Violence


Posted by James Cartwright

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