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    Stefano Colombini: Uncertain Landscapes

Uncertain landscapes dreamy scenery from photographer Stefano Colombini

Posted by Liv Siddall,

To be honest we don’t know much about Stefano Colombini, other than that he obviously gets to go on some lovely walks. Only yesterday his Tumblr was a sea of enormous, full-screen, grainy photographs of a heady mix of urban and natural landscapes. Today, though, he’s made his images smaller, supposedly because people like me want to cheekily click and drag his work without asking. Stefano’s already a bit of a dab hand at black and white film photography, but we’re looking forward to seeing more colour photos in the future as the ones he has taken so far are so vivid and well-composed. I wonder what else he’s got up his sleeve…

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    Stefano Colombini: Concealment

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    Stefano Colombini: Untitled

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    Stefano Colombini: Concealment

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    Stefano Colombini: Uncertain Landscapes

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    Stefano Colombini: Esmee

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    Stefano Colombini: Untitled


Posted by Liv Siddall

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