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    Stiff: Pipe

Pipe smoking gets a fresh new look courtesy of Swedish designers Stiff

Posted by James Cartwright,

We’re not condoning pipe smoking (much), in fact we’d be inclined to suggest that inhaling tobacco smoke through a wooden receptacle probably isn’t the best idea you’ve had all week. But let’s just say for argument’s sake that you’re an enormous fan of this luxurious, effulgent pastime and you’re in the market for a new piece of hardware to meet your smoky requirements. Wouldn’t you like it if the pipe in your hands was as sartorially elegant and well-crafted as the shoes on your feet? We don’t know, we’re wearing Vans, but if they were a polished pair of brogues our answer would be “Yes, of course!”

Which is lucky because product designers Stiff have just produced the first ever set of plastic pipes that look as good as they smoke. Crafted from polished thermo plastic and briar wood, the pipes are fully renewable (Stiff encourage their customers to return the plastic elements of their products for recycling once they’re no longer of use) and come in some pretty sweet colours too. So move over granddad, there’s some new kids in town and your old wooden bowl doesn’t cut it anymore.

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    Stiff: Pipe

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    Stiff: Pipe

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    Stiff: Pipe

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    Stiff: Pipe

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Posted by James Cartwright

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